• Innovation

    Technological advances and innovation are key factors for us in creating integrated communication solutions with added value for customers. With raising bandwidth usage and customer expectations, it is a must to find “out the box” solutions. We in Gioxa help you to keep up with your customers’ satisfaction despite the raising network usage.

  • Efficiency

    We believe that efficiency is a continuous process. All companies want to reduce their operating costs, increase efficiency and sustain innovation. We use customers’ requirement analysis, problem simulation and abstract thinking to create dedicated add on solutions to match our customers’ needs so we can be a strategic tool for meeting those goals.

  • Reliability

    The unique value proposition of Gioxa comes through providing the flexibility customers need and the reliability they demand. We aim to create long lasting profitable partnerships, through innovation and synergy, by delivering cutting edge technology products, with long term reliability backed up by superior support and maintenance service.

Why choose us?

The ability to launch competitive new services faster and more cost effectively is a critical success factor for every internet service provider.

We at Gioxa operate under two guiding principles: the delivery of cutting edge solutions; and always putting the customer first. With our team of motivated professionals, we always seek out ways to provide simple and easy add on solutions tailored to the customer requirements. All our innovative solutions are designed to help internet providers quickly implement new business models with less investment and integration effort.

At Gioxa, we apply the best industry-proven practices, leading standards and methodologies. Choosing Gioxa as your preferred strategic partner empowers you with the flexibility to bring on highly-skilled, experienced and knowledgeable experts exactly when and where you need them.

There are many exciting technology challenges that Gioxa would be able to solve. Our job is not done until our clients are completely satisfied.

Latest news

Gioxa is now in the process of setting up a new development unit in Bangkok, Thailand. This unit is established in order to develop specific products to match and serve the vast growing internet market of Thailand as the ASEAN leader.

Our first product is based on our in-house SKYBLAST Concept which enables fast, reliable, and efficient satellite communications to any location. We bring today’s new communication applications to people out of reach of terrestrial networks.

We are Here to Help

We enjoy offering our expertise to clients who are looking for smart, forward-thinking communication solutions. Please contact us any way you prefer:

By e-mail: info@gioxa.com